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Colored Lives - A Choreopoem


Colored Lives- A Choreopoem

A play is staged, the lives of the actors  become entwined within the performance. 

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Come experience the choreopoem, Colored Lives! I was so impressed when I saw this performance in Atlanta GA this year. Dada Ra has written a complex, funny, serious, thought-provoking, and ultimately uplifting play, with multifaceted characters, subject matters, and “plot”. It was a joy to be in the room, absorbing its wisdom while bringing to mind lots of questions to contemplate and ask at the audience discussions at the end. Well-done! 

Dr. Gail Lash,

The Peace Brain Show



What is a Choreopoem?

A Choreopoem is a poetry driven play that includes music (songs) and dance.

Where can I see Colored Lives?

We  do not  have any upcoming shows at this time.

Have there been other shows?

So far, Colored Lives has been performed in Atlanta, GA; NYC; Myrtle Beach, SC and  Mt Rainer, MD.

Any accomplishments?

Colored Lives was part of the  Dramatist Guilds 2019 Footlights series, and the 2012 D.C. Black Arts Festival. 

When will there be another performance?

There will be another performance when  we have the funds to perform.

How much does it cost to fully stage Colored Lives?

$50,000 should cover theater rental, costumes, props, musicians and paying cast for a 4 day run. Proceeds from fully staging Colored Lives is intended to initiate a national  tour.

How large is the cast?

The minimal cast consists of seven members.  The optimal cast consists of 14 members with 4 musicians, with an equal amount of understudies.  

Can Colored Lives come to my town?

Yes! You can book a read of Colored  Lives, a performance read, and a fully staged experience!

Does Colored Live address life issues?

Yes! AIDS, Crack, romantic love, and the power of choice are main issues addressed.It is an example of living  Peacefully.

What age group is Colored Lives geared towards?

Teen to adults are able to embrace the messages in Colored Lives.

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