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  • The Peace Poetry Project utilizes poetry as the vehicle for participants to express their original renditions of Peace.
  • Colored Lives is a for profit choreopoem. The actors lives and their performances are entwined. An ancestor, a player, lovers and a playwright set the tone of this slice of life production. A portion of its proceeds go to            The Creators Gift 137.
  • Focus: Peace Meditation uses the law of Reciprocity to send love to Earth and to keep participants open enough to receive thanks.
  • Peace Programs are facilitated presentations and workshops tailor-made for each audience.
  • Peace Consultations are sessions designed to assist individuals, couples, groups and businesses with acquiring the tools to naturally experience the world with a Peace perspective.


1. What is The Creators Gift 137?

The Creators Gift 137, (The CG137), is a non - profit organization based on inner-peace awareness. The organization exists to assist people with recognizing that if you are alive you have value and something to share. 

2. How do you know that?

There is no one and no thing that does not have purpose.

3. Is the organization based on a particular religion?

No, we are not based on any religion. We are based on Universal Law and are for uplifting humanity without judgement. Ex: if every single religion in the world suddenly ceased to exist there would be the law that governs existence. The Earth would still spin, orbiting the sun. The moon and planets would stay on their path. People, other animals and nature would live accordingly. Religions serve their purpose and our services can be utilized in their arenas just as well as in educational settings, corporations, incarceration…etc. We work underneath for inner-peace awareness.

4. Do we get paid for submitting?

The Peace Poetry Project promotes Peace and is for participants to step on the inner-peace awakening path, there isn’t any pay involved. It is hoped Peace perspective takes hold consciously and leads to an everyday way of being.  On the other hand, the Virtual Peace Ambassador Training is fee based. It is designed to cover its operating costs and to offer paying positions to Peace Ambassadors who complete the entire program in high standing. 

5. When will the Peace Poetry Project be in my area?

The Peace Poetry Project is ready to come to any area, and any population. Contact us for particulars. Our cause is international.

6. How does The Creators Gift 137 relate to God?

The Creators Gift 137 tends to use the term “The Most High”. The implication is there is a consciousness (term used for lack of another) who is more than we can comprehend. That said, there is no gender, specific planetary connection, or anything else known for sure, except for a basis of love; Peace’s cousin. In other words, “The Most High is….” No specific words complete that sentence.

7. Are you supported by any corporations?

No. We are barely supported by the community financially. However, that is our fault advertising and marketing are our weak points. We are receptive to feedback. 

8. Do I have to donate $50,000.00?

Have to? Hmmm, there is no have to. Although, it would be an incredibly wonderful gift that would be so, so appreciated. However, we would also love to have 10,000 people submit $5, or 5000 people submit $10. Corporate support would be wonderful as long as there are no stipulations attached other than our thanks and announcing the support. On that note, it would touch our hearts to have global community support. It would say we are understood and welcomed!

9. Is my donation tax-deductible if it's by credit card?

Donating to The Creators Gift 137 is tax deductible. For more information go here.

Listed below are two points provided by the IRS:

· If you receive a benefit because of your contribution such as merchandise, tickets to a ball game or other goods and services, then you can deduct only the amount that exceeds the fair market value of the benefit received.

· Donations of stock or other non-cash property are usually valued at the fair market value of the property. Clothing and household items must generally be in good used condition or better to be deductible. Special rules apply to vehicle donations.

10. When will I receive a notification that you received my donation?

You should receive immediate confirmation if you send it via PayPal. We are working on other donation options that will also provide immediate confirmation.

11. Do you work with people of all races?

YES, we work with humanity.

12. Do you only work in southern cities?

We work everywhere we can. To date, including the south, we have worked on the east and west coast.

13. Can I volunteer remotely?

You sure can! We get to figure out how that works and move forward.

14. Is the blog kept updated?

The blog will be updated monthly initially. Eventually post will be weekly.

15. Who writes the blog?

Dada Ra writes most of the blogs. Other writers supply their input too.

16. Who is the face of the organization?

Dada Ra is the founder. The face of the organization is Peace. Peace and love is to come to mind when The Creators Gift 137 is mentioned.

17. Are you available for public speaking?


18. Do you do team building events?


19. What's the youngest age the you engage?

Optimally nine is the youngest age we prefer to work with. However, younger children have surprisingly done well. 

20. Will you travel?


21. Does our company pay for your expenses?


22.What is the seal of transparency?

GuideStar provides Seals of Transparency to nonprofits who have provided current information. 

23.Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, it is to be updated.

24. Is your organization only for women- I see no men on the board?

It is for everyone. We would like men and more diversity on the board. There has been male representation on the board in the past.

25.Does the organization participate in protests?


26.Can I hire your organization for my church?


27.What does AUM mean?

AUM is OM. According to Britannica: “The syllable omis composed of the three sounds a-u-m…om mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe.” AUM also is 137 as 1 = Absolute, 3 = Union, 7 = Manifestation. Taking the first letter of each word the sum is AUM.

What is AUM137? is the original website of charity, The Creators Gift 137. The site is going to be revamped to support the Virtual training…. how it will look has not yet been revealed.


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