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The Creators Gift 137
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We believe in you. 

If you exist, you have value & 

the choice to walk your innate purpose..

Welcome! Peace to You!

WE invite you to stand with us and to take advantage of opportunities available to us to redirect the path we, as a people on a planet- our planet- are currently on.  We are the cause for conflict resolution, restorative justice and Peace building!

Instead of falling for the same games, giving predictable responses; it is time for us to think bigger!

Predictability is mundane and demands no independent, or innovative thinking. 

 Meaning; this path we are on is one of desiring no change and gives a message of hopeless submissiveness. It is a place of fruitless complaining, with an ease of seeing more of what's wrong than what's right. The odd icing on the cake of this despondency vibration is its stealthiness. 

Do we want to be Peace building as a norm, having conflict resolution a dream no longer needed along with restorative justice? We choose everyday, every moment. Let's choose Peace options and  be optimally effective!

We can change this:

We seem to be on a witch hunt world where evidence and judgement have switched levels of importance  and we, being comfortable with that mindset accept the new conditions without question... 

Let's put on the brakes...

Dream a moment...

We can have a world

 where everyone is aware they have purpose. Where everyone knows having purpose means there is something within each of us that is waiting to be acknowledged. Within every single person on the planet there is an aspect of self that is waiting to provide guidance.  Some call it the inner voice. The voice we hear inside that is different from the voices of confusion. 

Now imagine someone helping you to recognize that voice. To know and appreciate that voice that speaks through, sound, vision, other people and scenarios. This part of you that only exists  to assist you  aligning with your highest good.

That person is a Peace Consultant.

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About Us

How We Started


The Creators Gift 137, Inc., (The CG137)is a 501 (c )(3), nonprofit organization offering keys to awaken inner-peace awareness. Founder, Dada Ra began the organization a few years after a Shaman told her she was going to start a business for humanity and to make sure its name could not be misconstrued. The Creators Gift 137, means: A gift to or from The Most High. Interpretation is the individual’s choice. Dada joyfully sees a beautiful opportunity to gift The Most High. 137 came to Dada within one of her visions. It was attached to the end of the word "Coalic". Unable to decipher Coalic she discovered 137 is 1 = Absolute, 3 = Union, 7 = Manifestation. Taking the first letter of each word, she saw AUM. According to Britannica: "The syllable om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m...ommystically embodies the essence of the entire universe." 

The aforementioned understanding is combined with Dada’s experiences where she goes inside herself and her consciousness expands past her body, past her room, her home, and beyond the Earth to the point of oneness with the universe. Though she moves past her physical limitations the experience occurs within. Visions and inner-peace awareness are some of the paths Dada walks that allows her to know Oneness being is an inner to outer experience and inner peace is key to accessing our existence in the intended order.

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Peace Serves You


  • The Peace Poetry Project
  • Colored Lives (a choreopoem & in the future; a film)
  • Focus: Peace Meditation
  • Peace Consultation

The CG137 has been providing Peace programs to inmates at the DeKalb County Jail through the Options For Living program since February 2018 and to schools nationwide. Freddie Hendricks, founder of the Hendrix method is ready to direct Colored Livesas soon as funding allows. The Virtual Peace Ambassador Training is slowly moving into beta mode. Each service offered is an example of Peace in action. Your support helps bring inner-Peace awareness to the forefront.

We Are Here For You…


There’s a need for people to be counted as representatives of Peace. Participating in the Peace Ambassador Training will assist with uncovering your gift and sharing it with the world. As one lives their innate purpose, others are inspired to do the same. The CG137 is requesting your donation to assist with raising $50,000 to focus fully to optimize its framework and execute its Virtual Peace Ambassador Training program. The design includes offering remuneration to Peace Ambassadors working for The CG137. Will you donate today?


And Now…


It is so easy to be in the rhythm of completion for a while and not recognize being in a rabbit hole...Currently, OPAT, (Online Peace Ambassador Training), is in prep mode on two platforms. Neither are complete, my learning curve alerted me to the realization that I need to step back once more to get the course closer to my vision. The difficulty of completing the setup process is affected by not having the time to consistently work on it to get it done. The greatest news is, I am learning how to apply the abstract aspects in a defined manner...gratefully, I progress, guided as much as I allow myself to be...RA   

The Creators Gift 137 (CG137) Mission

To collaborate with other educational, societal and environmental organizations to empower all people towards peace and unity through global projects: to provide a resource bank of facilitators offering workshops and seminars, developing responsible communities for peace and non-violence.

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